Talk to us: We are the experts and will be able to advise you what fish is plentiful and offers value for money.

Be open to change: If the variety you want isn’t available, substitute another. Fish is very versatile and one type can easily be swapped for another in a recipe. Again, we can be your mine of valuable information.

  • Freshness is paramount: Daily landings of the freshest fish brought directly from our state of the art processing facility in Killybegs ensure only the best quality seafood reaches our customers.
  • We will be happy to fillet, skin and de-bone fish: If you feel you’re not up to the task.
  • Get the fish into the fridge as soon as possible: Remember it’s highly perishable and must be kept cool. Remove any packaging, clean with a damp cloth or kitchen paper and store in a shallow dish at the bottom of the fridge, where it is coldest and there is no danger of dripping onto other foods.
  • Mussels and oysters should be stored in a bowl at the bottom of the fridge and covered with a damp cloth or kitchen paper.

Cooking our Fish

There are various different ways to cook fish, and they are all basically simple; however, as fish cooks quickly and overcooking is the easiest way to spoil it, careful cooking is important.

The basic cooking methods include grilling/chargrilling, roasting and barbecueing (dry-heat cooking); poaching and steaming (wet heat cooking) and sautéeing/pan-frying, stir frying and deep frying (cooking in oil). Sometimes fish is smoked, ‘cooked’ without heat my marinating in citrus juice (as in gravadlax), or eaten raw (as in sushi).

To find out more about our range of products & to place an order please contact us:

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